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The main motivation for developing this web site is to create a resource for runners, joggers, walkers, hikers, bicyclist, or anyone that is interested in finding out the distance of a route, trail, or other place. Please let me know if there are any ways that I can improve this web site by sending feedback.

Currently the distance tracker supports the following functionality:

  • Jump directly to a location via the address search
  • Create dynamic routes by clicking on the map
  • View route distances in Miles, Yards, Feet, Kilometers, or Meters
  • Undo multiple route legs
  • Save created routes (Coming back soon!)
  • Email or bookmark saved routes (Coming back soon!)
  • Find and lookup saved routes through the Find Routes function (Coming back soon!)
  • Sort find results by route name, city, state, postal code, or distance (Coming back soon!)
  • Enable or disable automatic centering of the map on each mouse click
  • View latitude and longitude of points clicked on the earth
  • Export routes to a Google Earth KML file (Coming back soon!)

Upcoming features:
  • Training log to track personal progress and goals
  • Upload GPS data to create routes
  • Add notes to the route on the map
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